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OneStopSoft Rapidshare Downloader 2.0

OneStopSoft Rapidshare Downloader is a free automatic downloader (See all)

OneStopSoft Rapidshare Downloader is a free automatic downloader. It can be used to download content from Rapidshare, a popular file-sharing website. With this application you can search for content on Rapidshare or paste Rapidshare links, and the app will try to download them automatically.

The main window shows three buttons at the top: Add New Download, Download List and Search. The first button takes you to a screen where you can manually paste Rapidshare links. Here, you can also enable a feature that will automatically paste any Rapidshare links that you have in your clipboard when the app becomes active. The second button takes you to the Download List, where all your active downloads will be listed. Lastly, "Search" will let you look for content directly on Rapidshare's website.

In my testing, I was unable to download a single file with this application. The search feature returned results, but when I tried to download a file, nothing happened. When I manually pasted the links, the app said that they were added to the download list, but they weren't.

José Fernández
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